Youtube Realtime Issues, Youtube Not Working Problems Resolved


Youtube is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. Because around 400 hours of content material are uploaded every minute. And over thousand millions hours of movies are watched in line with day. Learn about what are Youtube Realtime Issues and other important stuff here. So, what will you do when you find that your YouTube is no longer working? This will be so annoying for those who use youtube regularly. Not only this you will also find many other issues like youtube full screen doesn’t work in chrome. Also, your YouTube app might be defective considering you haven’t up to date your tool. Moreover, video buffering is also one of the common trouble.

Youtube Realtime Issues

This will happen for several reasons. One common issue is a poor internet connection. However, there are many tips and methods to fix this real-time issues and outages.

Youtube not working? How to fix this problem?

 First of all, make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the app and somebody faces the issue of youtube app not working. The different reasons why you always get into this youtube problem are:

Youtube Realtime Issues


Slow Internet Connection:

First, check your internet connection. Generally watching videos and browsing requires a fast internet connection. Because web videos use large bandwidth so you cannot able to access the videos with a slow internet connection. This will result in buffering and sometimes it takes much time to play video.

You can also download youtube video downloader to play and watch videos offline. This Youtube Realtime Issues and solutions will help you if you are in a location where internet connection is poor or you don’t have internet connection in your mobile. For windows download iTube studio to enjoy playing videos without watching them online. As it is a trusted video downloader

Reboot Your Device:

Sometimes running other applications may cause the loading problem. Here low memory also causes an error. So reboot or restart your device once if you find such kind of problem.

Browser Issues-Extensions And Plugins:

Browser issues are one of the common problems almost everyone faces like youtube video is loading but not playing. You need to update your browser extension to fix this kind of issue. If you are using chrome application then update the latest version of chrome on your device. Go to play store or app store and update the latest version of chrome if it is available. Instead of doing this regularly set your device in such a way that it should automatically update any apps if there is an update available to that app. So this will help you to fix this problem.

Firewall Blockage-Security Problem:

Firewall is a safety app which keeps your network safe and secure. But sometimes it may block your youtube videos. Youtube down or youtube not working problem is caused by using third-party apps such as McAfee and Comodo. Therefore update firewall or other third party applications if you are using. And then reload your browser. Even though if it is showing the same kind of error then uninstall those applications permanently. The youtube not working on android problem also will be resolved if you read the below steps.

Different Methods And Solutions To Fix This Real Time Issues:

Is youtube down? Try this different method if you find youtube not working on chrome. If you are an iPhone user and your youtube not working on iPhone. Then no problem you can adopt different methods and techniques to run youtube properly.


The easiest way to fix this youtube problem is by restarting the google chrome.

  • To get this done, force close your google chrome.
  • You can easily do this by opening task manager from the taskbar.
  • Then right-click on ‘Google Chrome’. You will find the options ‘end task’. Click on it.
  • Now restart your chrome.


Another method to fix this problem to configures settings in chrome.

  • All you need to do is go to settings in chrome.
  • Click on ‘advanced settings’.
  • In that, you will find the option ‘use hardware acceleration when available’.
  • Uncheck it and restart your chrome.


The next method is to clear the cache or browser history from the chrome.

  • Go to settings and tools.
  • You will see the option ‘clear browsing data’.
  • Click that option. And restart the chrome.

So, these are the three methods that fix your youtube outage problem. Try this different method if your youtube app is not working. Hope this article is useful to you.

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