5 Best YouTube Alternatives to Watch Unlimited Videos


Searching for other apps like youtube to enjoy unlimited videos? then you reading the right page. Youtube is one of the largest video sharing and video hosting app around the world. Well, it is considered next to Google. In this article, you will find the top 5 best youtube alternatives with amazing features. We can search and watch unlimited videos whether it may be movies, songs or other interesting videos. You can also create a youtube channel. Here you can upload your own videos. And also you can add a short description, thumbnails, and other features to make your video perfect. But before stepping into this you have to create a youtube account similar to the google account. It’s a free service.

YouTube alternatives

YouTube Features:

  • You can follow and subscribe other video channels
  • It provides high resolution and high-quality videos according to the users wish
  • You can also create a playlist and download the videos to watch it in the offline mode
  • You can upload any video by creating a youtube channel
  • You can comment and like other videos
  • It also supports the live streaming feature.

Moreover, the youtube copyright issue and its privacy policy are very strict. You cannot copy others video if it is having a copyright issue. However, there are many apps like youtube which comes with more extra features than youtube.

So, bored of using youtube? Let’s search for an alternative to Youtube app

Top 5 Youtube Alternatives:


Dailymotion app is one of the popular video sharing app among all. You can search plenty of unlimited videos. More than 30 million videos and variety of content is uploaded every day. And it is becoming more and more famous day by day. All its features are very similar to youtube. You can watch and download videos to watch offline. It’s a great platform to share your content worldwide. A user can upload content up to 4 GB and 60 minutes in length. Moreover, it comes in 18 different languages. Depending on your needs choose between Dailymotion Youtube.

YouTube alternatives

Features of Dailymotion

  • You can create and capture videos also add a video.
  • You will have Dailymotion partnership through growing a club account.
  • You can add live videos.
  • It is more easy to use. And it is totally free.
  • You can also Browse while looking at films or other videos.
  • It has infant protection mode.


Veoh app is very famous for long videos and movie, it is one of the best youtube alternatives we have. It is a great online platform to experience unlimited videos from all over the world. On the other hand, we can access Veoh through any browser rather than downloading the separate app for it. And it is supportable in mac, android, windows and other devices.

Features of Veoh

  • You can easily browse anything while watching videos
  • All kind videos are available here.
  • You can also download videos to watch offline.
  • Can upload any videos for free.

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Vimeo app is best video sharing platform among all. It is one of the fastest video websites like youtube. These Vimeo platforms hold high-quality content compare to youtube. You can upload 4K visual content with ultra HDR. You know which is the best part of the Vimeo? It is totally ad-free. It will not interrupt you by displaying ads while watching videos which concludes that it is one of the best youtube alternatives. This app is specially designed for professionals. Moreover, it is accessible to all devices like mac, android, windows etc. Now depending on your requirement choose between Vimeo Youtube.

YouTube alternatives

Features of Vimeo

  • You can upload any kind of video for free
  • It allows password protection
  • You can also enjoy Vimeo partnership
  • You can browse any information while watching the video
  • You can download and save the video to watch them offline


Metacafe app is the best youtube alternative for creators to watch trending and unlimited videos worldwide and launched in 2003. Generally, it comes with different catalogs which include games, music, movies and other kinds of stuff. Its cool and interesting features became it a high ranking website among all. It is accessible in a web browser or desktop and can be supportable to all type of devices.

For those who unaware, Metacafe offers an amazing feature which inspires users a lot. Here if you post any video and if your video has reached to 20,000 views and became more popular then it will pay the user $5 for every 1000 views per each video. So isn’t it amazing and inspiring?

Features of Metacafe

  • You can upload videos for free
  • You can download and save videos to watch them offline
  • Furthermore, it also allows you to personalize your channel
  • All kinds of videos are available here
  • You can also upload live videos for free

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YouTube alternatives

Vevo, Ultimately the best platform to watch unlimited videos. Vevo app is one of the open source platforms to watch popular and trending videos. It is considered as the multinational video app and great youtube alternatives as well. You can watch all the newly released video here. Therefore If you really want to watch the best quality videos then Vevo is the best choice.

Features of Vevo

  • Easy to use
  • You can watch any kind of videos
  • You can divide or categorize the videos
  • here You can also browse while watching videos
  • Download and save videos for offline

Hence In this article, I have listed the top 5 best youtube alternatives to watch unlimited videos. So download and enjoy using your favorite app. Hope this article is useful to you.


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