Turn off Find My iPhone: Remove iPhone, iPad or Mac From Find My iPhone


Find my iPhone is the service that enables the users to find the lost iPhone and iPad devices. Before selling the iPhone or iPad, MacBook you have to deactivate the option find my iPhone. And remove the device from the tracking state. It is actually a beneficial feature for the iPhone users. Through this feature, the users can easily find their device. Find my iPhone lost mode is very beneficial for the owners, when they lost it they can locate their device and erase all devices in a remote way. From this feature, the users can even lock the device and send an alert. If you are having a problem with the turn off find my iPhone then we are here to solve this problem.

Turn off Find My iPhone

In some cases if you want to sell your iPhone and want to purchase the new one iPhone X or some other latest updates iPhone then you need to turn off the find my iPhone feature. Here we have come up with the detailed relevant information on how to turn off the find my iPhone. In this article, we have given complete information in order to help the readers we have given the detailed information about this feature. Even we have given the information about the find my iPhone one different versions of your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac devices.  Let’s have a glance.

Turn off Find My iPhone: Remove iPhone, iPad Or Mac from Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is the wonderful feature that found in IOS or MacOs it helps the users to locate the lost mobile or iPad, or Mac devises. Once you have activated the features find my iPhone on your device, then it is linked to that user’s Apple ID. The owner of the iPhone has to log in to the iCloud.com (on Mac) or using the Find my iPhone app on iPhone or iPad.

Mostly, human beings use Find My iPhone to discover a misplaced device or lacking one. By activating this selection, it’s going to hyperlink to your Apple ID now. Then, the owner of the tool can be capable of discovering their iPhone, or iPad via logging into iCloud.Com at the tool. Once Find My iPhone is enabled, the user should locate the tool place on the map. Later, they are able to lock and wipe the complete content on the device remotely.

How to Turn Off ‘Find My iPhone’?

Find my iPhone is the best feature act as a savior. But sometimes it looks like inconvenient features. Whenever you take the device for repair or sell it then you have to remove the find my iPhone option. Fortunately, the process of removing this option form iPhone or iPad, iPod from Find my iPhone is quite simple. Now follow the below steps to turn off find my iPhone option form iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac devices.

Turn off Find My iPhone

  • First of all, navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on your name >> iCloud >> Find My iPhone.
  • You need to toggle the green button towards the off position.
  • Enter the Apple ID password that you have used during its initial setup.
  • You can then hit ‘turn off’ option.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without Password

Follow the above steps and when you have to enter the password just shut down and restart the device and then hit turn off option. This should work.

Final words:                                        

That’s all! This is the simple process to turn off Find My iPhone feature from your device. This is the information about to find my iPhone. From this article, you came to know everything you need know about the find my iPhone feature on iOS, Mac devices. From his features, you can easily locate your mobile. Hence from this article, you will get relevant information about the find my iPhone. And make sure that you have to sign out the iCloud and iTunes before selling this device. If you wanted to know how to turn on find my iPhone then follow the above steps and toggle the button to on position “green”. I hope this information and guides helped you, people, to secure your device. Therefore this is the information on the best feature. For more doubts and queries you can ask us through the comment box below.


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