How to Set Dual Monitor Wallpaper in Windows 7 and Mac


Want to access two monitors on a single device? Well, we often use single wallpaper setups for our monitor. However, you will find tons of beautiful wallpapers for your pc. But why do we use this single wallpaper when we have dual monitor wallpaper setup for free. Now you can also use two different wallpaper on a single device. In fact, there are some computers that support dual monitor setup. Moreover, this dual monitor setup also improves your performance. And it genuinely customizes your screen. You can also choose a designer desktop wallpaper for your PC.

If you use pc regularly and spend a lot of time working on it then choosing this wallpaper for your pc is more advantageous to you. You can run multiple apps and web pages at the same time. Fortunately, there are some websites that provide dual monitor wallpaper for windows and mac. It is specially used for business application when you want to do multiple things simultaneously. This setup gives your pc extra space with the cool environment. You can also play games and decorate your pc. Moreover, this dual monitor setup also improves your performance. And it genuinely customizes your screen.

If you are not aware of these kinds of wallpapers. Then have a look. Here are some awesome dual monitors wallpapers.

Dual monitor wallpaper

Dual monitor wallpaper

If you really looking forward to installing dual monitor wallpapers for your windows then visit these popular websites.


But setting up dual monitor wallpaper on Mac is quite difficult. Macbook laptops are generally designed to use multiple wallpapers.

Now, you might be thinking about how to set up a new wallpaper. For this, you’ll need to select a picture that’s going to fit across twin presentations. And you should ensure that the resolution of the picture is greater than the overall resolution of the wallpaper.

For instance, if one display is 1600 X 900 and the alternative is 1920 X 1080, then the photograph resolution has to be at least 3520 X 1080.

How to Setup Dual Monitor Wallpaper Windows 10

There are many ways to set up in windows 10. You can also use third-party applications as there are plenty of third-party applications available for windows. Setting up dual monitor background by using this solution is quite difficult. Therefore in this article, I have mentioned two easy ways to setup dual monitor for windows 10.

Earlier you can also use the control panel to set up dual monitors for windows 10. But now this feature has been removed in Windows 10. Instead, you can set up dual monitor background in setting app.

Method 1 – Setting up dual monitor wallpaper using the setting app

This is one of the easiest ways to set up backgrounds for windows 10.

Dual monitor wallpaper

  • First, go to the settings app and open it. You can do this by directly pressing windows key +1
  • Then it will open the settings app. Choose personalization section
  • Next scroll down you will find choose your picture section. Choose your favorite picture and place them where you want. Do this for two wallpapers to setup dual monitor background

Method 2 – Use Run Command

Follow these simple steps to set the dual monitor for windows 10 suing run command.

  • Press window + R key. It will open you a prompt window
  • Now enter control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper
  • Press enter. Desktop background window will appear on the screen
  • Choose any backgrounds and right click on it to set as a background. Do the same for another background

Dual monitor wallpaper

  • Finally, click on save changes. That’s all.

Hope you have understood how to set dual monitor wallpaper for windows 10. So, try them out. Hope this is article is useful to you.


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