IP Address Tracker and Grabbing


I want to be explaining here, how you can get the IP address of whoever you want it from on the internet. i.e. Ip Address Tracker. Now the article is supposed to be for educational purposes or serious situations where you need to find their IP address. Don’t use this Technique with any bad intentions. Today we’re going to be using Facebook to get the IP address of your target. We’re going to start by finding any type of URL that we can send them.

IP Address Tracker Process

Let me explain so let’s say the person is harassing you on Facebook. They’re messaging you we’re going to send them a link and make them believe. It’s something that is not as soon as I click that link that’s where the fun stuff comes in. So we just got to find a link you know if the person’s harassing you online. We’re going to take this link copy it in order to do Ip Address Tracker. Use this website it’s called Blasze.com or iplogger.org. So we’re going to take that URL that we just copied and paste it here. Hit submit it’s going to give us. This tracking URL copy that after we copy that we’re going to take it to Google URL shortener.

Track IP Address Exact Location

Which is Google and we’re going to paste that link into here shorten it. We are not a robot. So here is our shortened link that we will be using to send messages to the person on Facebook. That’s messaging you that’s harassing you some X person. you want to find their IP address from. So I’m talking to myself right now on Facebook anyway I take that link that we just got from Google put it there.

Find Someone’s IP Address

They’re going to they don’t know what it is before they click it might be more believable if you leave it there they’re probably more likely to click. it so anyway let me explain the reason why I picked this article to use as our link if somebody cyberbullying you know what they’re doing. That they are in fact cyberbullying you and if you send them an article about it saying like you know yeah we’re going to send it with the thing attached. If you want to send this with it attached click the little URL over here. We sent that to your victim okay we’re going to say something like please read this before you say anything else.

IP Tracker Link

That will make them be like you might as you want me to read this the title of it is social media cyberbullying linked to let me click it okay. They click the link brings them right to that article brought up earlier and because we use that tracking website. The website blasze.com or iplogger.org and we use that in this link for Ip Address Tracker. Whoever accesses that link their IP address is going to be set to this same page where we’ve got the URL from now. What you’re going to do is just refresh it and down at the bottom where it’s going to come up with a few IP addresses.

Now I will show tracking Ip address step by step process

Open in your browser Blasze.com.

step 1. enter any URL link in create url. It can create a link.

IP Address Tracker

step2. give the link to the recipient through the mail or Facebook.

step3. Refresh the stats link.

step4. Now enter in the track url.

IP logger: same process what I have done above process

They click it to convince them to click it and tell them to read the article. Whatever you’re just trying to your way to them clicking this link. What you can do from there is take their IP address over to whatismyIP.com. The IP address here pastes it in the search bar by clicking IP lookup. You paste it in the search bar and when you hit to look up it’ll tell you their zip code their city and their internet service provider. That alone might give you an idea of who is harassing you if they’re using a fake Facebook profile and you get this information.

IP Tracker Software

There are multiple ways to tack. You might be like the person I think it’s doing this does live in that city and they do use that cable company doesn’t give you a lot of information, but you know it might lead you to the right person you’re by yourself. what you want to do is if this is a serious case of like harassment. Or whatever you can contact the police give them that IP address says this person is threatening me or whatever can you the IP address. They have like special software that can probably find the exact address of the person might even contact the internet service provider.


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