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Do you have a desire to use IOS apps on your pc?  Many people want to experience and enjoy iOS emulator for pc. And now the demand for ios emulators is growing very speedily. Not only windows there are also many ios emulators for mac. By using this ios emulators you can enjoy all the interesting features of IOS apps and you can create ios environment on your pc. Now you might be thinking about what exactly the ios emulator?

iOS Emulator For PC

An emulator is a software program or virtual program that is required to run programs of different Operating System like Android, iOS, Blackberry iOS and many others on your Windows PC. iOS emulator for android, by using this we can run apple applications easily on Android.

Similarly, an ios emulator is a software which enables us to run any iOS apps or play video games on Windows. So you need to download and install the ios emulator on your pc. This lets a non-Apple device behave and perform same as an Apple device. Similarly, by using an iOS emulator for Mac we can run applications easily on Mac laptops.

 iOS emulator for pc

 Pros Of Using iPhone Emulator For Pc:

  •  Many people cant afford to buy iPhone as it is very costly so this iOS emulator provide free of cost.
  • You can run and install ios emulator on multiple devices. It also works very well on Linux and Android.
  • The installation process of iOS emulator for pc is very easy.
  • It is user-friendly. You can play video games on the pc.
  • It is specially used by the developer or tester for testing any application.

Cons Of Using iPhone Emulator For Pc:

  •  It requires more memory.
  • Choosing large apps and games requires huge memory. This will result in lagging other apps and software.

I have listed some common and mostly used iPhone emulators. Some of the best iOS emulator for pc are:

iPadian iPhone Emulator:

Ipadian emulator is one of the most favorable ios emulators for windows pc. Because it has the highest rating of 4/5. Also, it has the capacity to run all the ios app on windows pc. Moreover, it is compatible with mac os and Linux as well. And it is very easy and simple to use. But it comes in two versions. One is completely free and the other is paid. However you can enjoy all the ios app by downloading the free version of ipadian but, if you want to access more apps and extra features then download the paid version of ipadian. The cost will be only $10.

To access this ipadian emulator you need to have adobe air installed on your pc. Apart from this, it is very user-friendly as it consists of UI. Also, you can enjoy many iPhone emulator online apple features and applications like Siri, iMessage, watch ios which work similar to ios.

 iOS emulator for pc

One of the key features of this ipadian ios emulator is its premium version is totally ad-free. And it has smooth GUI and easy to use. Also, it has its own native app store. Its interface is very similar to the iPhone/iPad.

How To Download And Install Ipadian Emulator In Your Windows Pc:

It is very easy to download the ipadian emulator on windows. Follow these simple steps to install ipadian.

  • First of all download the ipadian emulator on your pc.
  • Click on installation.
  • Continue and follow all the options displayed on the screen till reach the next step.
  • Once the process finished, double-click on an iPadian icon.
  • Now you can download and install your favorite ios apps on PC.

Mobione Studio:

 Mobione studio is one among the best ios alternative for windows pc. But unfortunately, its service has been stopped. It is officially disconnected now. But still, you can download it from other third-party sites. And you can use this by running the beta app. It is quite different and unique because it runs applications and file based on html5 which is suitable for all products. Moreover, it is compatible with all devices like windows, mac os, and Linux. But compare to ipadian it has fewer ratings of 3/5.

 iOS emulator for pc

Air iPhone Emulator:

 Air iPhone is also one of the popular ios emulators for windows pc. It comes with Adobe airframe work with GUI( graphical user interface). Although it is very user-friendly. And it provides the features which look exactly like iPhone as it shows a virtual look of an iPhone on your windows pc. It is compatible with windows, mac, and Android.

Xamarin Testflight:

The xamarin testflight is another high-quality ios emulator to run ios apps on windows pc. It provides more advanced features and also very user-friendly. But this app is not free. You have to purchase this app with the starting price of $25 per month. Here test flight is considered as Apple’s beta testing service for iOS applications. This is one of the good qualitative iOS emulator for pc

Apple has currently owned this emulator. Being an Apple product xamarin can hold a lot of responsibilities and tasks related to ios. You can also test apps by using xamarin testflight. And it is presently available for ios 8.0 and above. Below this version will not work. Moreover, it is the highest rating app with 4.5/5.

Appetize.Io: is the best online ios emulator. You can directly visit the website of appetize.IO without downloading the app from google chrome, safari, or any other. It is very useful for professional ios developer and ios tester. It is compatible with mac os, windows, Linux as well.

If you want to download the app then it is free for an initial 100 minutes for every month and later it will be $0.05 charge per minute. Also, it is a cloud emulator. The Appetize.IO is a top rate carrier, however, offers Free demo Online iPhone Simulator.

So, these are the top 5 iOS emulator for pc compatible with all operating system like mac os, Linux, windows etc. if you are an iPhone fan and looking for the best ios emulator then you must go through this article and choose the one which satisfies you.


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