Security Scanner Zenmap in Kali Linux – How to Use?


The tool named Zenmap which is the GUI version of Nmap. The network scanner has given up a terminal type Nmap. You can get the configuration. This How To Use Zenmap In Kali Linux article helps you now. So, at the help file which is going to tell you all the different commands, you can use the Nmap. Obviously has a GUI version, Which I’m going to show you today called the map. So if I open up them, we get this nice GUI. I have clients here. We get our target here. Where we can put in an IP address. it will allow you to do whatever you know it can put anything in that number up to 255. If the subnet is 255 of course here is where you’ll have your hosts up here. So these are the hosts. I detected and also you will get an OS column and you can filter them and also services. Zenmap Portable is easy to use. If you have any running in this example I don’t have any parts open or any services. So this will display all the stuff to do with parts protocol state services. We’ve got topology which is kind of cool. I’ll show you that How To Install Zenmap once; we actually get a log going along host details. It will show you the detailed information about the hosts.

How To Use Zenmap In Kali Linux

We’re going to do a scan so this color machine is also on the same network. I was going to make this more authentic and actually put it onto a domain.  But these are some virtual machines are all on the same networks. We have a volley round and regular scan, here we get a topology because we get like a physical map of how the network is laid out. We can move around it we can save the graphic up here. We save that as PDFs or PNG and things. So you can send that to people or whatever you want to do with it put it in your reports file. Is this How To Use Zenmap In Kali Linux helpful? This Zenmap Kali Linux combination is easy if you follow the below steps. Then we’ve got our host viewer here with the services and stuff. If you click on any of these you can see how the topology will move chemical and we can do fisheye. We’ve got the controls here, so you can change the zoom in you can change your ring gap. if using an intense scan obviously like I said previously there’s not actually any services running on these client machines. If you click on each individual host you can get detailed and amounts of information

Follow below steps for Zmap Security Scanner:

Step 1: open new terminal and type ”zenmap”  without double quotes.

How To Use Zenmap In Kali Linux

Step2: in target type your router Ip like “192.168.1.* ” , then enter.

Step3: if you want to know the details of hosts, select nmap output.

Step 4: To know the topology and host viewer. and to know who are connected in your network.

Step5: we are having different types of scanning’s. In profile select the type of scanning.

Step 6: to know about the table of routing type ”route -n” without double quotes. then enter.


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