How To Use Rainbow Crack In Kali Linux To Crack Passwords?


How to generate rainbow tables with rainbow crack. How to generate word lists and how to use them for different types of attacks. This is using to crack hashes with time memory tradeoff algorithm. Here is the complete steps for How To Use Rainbowcrack Kali Linux. You get the idea but when it comes down to cracking password hashes. This is rainbow tables come into play now. Of course, this is quite an advanced type of thing. That not many people talk about but extremely important and I’ve come across it many times because if you try cracking a password hash. For example with John the Ripper and you use a word list then it will take an extremely long time given the complexity of the password hash.

How To Use Rainbowcrack Kali Linux

If it’s more complex, then you get the idea it’s going to take a long time this is where rainbow tables coming into play. What exactly has a rainbow table well essentially a rainbow table has simply put a table of hashes. Those are encoded by a particular algorithm. So this is a table of hashes that are encoded by a particular algorithm. For example base64 it could be encoded with base64. That’s just a simple example. Now the hash tables are a hash of each word stored in the table.

How To Use Rainbowcrack To Crack Passwords

So what’s happening, the tables are hashed and then the hash tables are a hash of words stored in the table. So rainbow tables are used to crack password hashes and you get the context. Rainbow tables are used to crack up harder and more complex hashes. You can crack basic crack hashes with word lists after reading this How To Use Rainbowcrack Kali Linux. We’re going to be using rainbow crack being the package. Rainbow generating rainbow tables is that what’s happening here. Those rainbow tables use a dictionary attack. Now let me explain why that’s because what’s happening here is we essentially guessing.

Download Rainbow Tables

It’s calculated guessing based on the parameters. If the word does not exist in the word list then you’re not going to get the password. If in that in the case of dictionary attacks, it’s going to go through random combinations of the different characters of hashed by the algorithm. it is extremely important in the scope of a penetration test. Especially when you talk about password cracking, we use the syntax RTGEN, and that will essentially prompt up the rainbow tables or the rainbow crack rainbow table’s generation. So you can see that it gives you the syntax here. so you specify the RTGEN to start it and then you specify the hash algorithm.

Red Hashing Algorithm

Let me explain something very important here. That many people mock up a red hashing algorithm are specific the hashing algorithm. Here is specific to the hash in which you are trying to crack. Let’s say you’re trying to crack a char to 256 hashes. You need to then specify then create a rainbow table and specify the sha-256 algorithm. The character set you can then specify to whatever you feel is suitable.

Get the ID by Using Rainbow Table

This can be done with experiment but you get the idea but it’s very important to specify the hash algorithm in direct correlation to the hash. The password hash that you’re trying to crack. So let me go through this syntax here, the character set essentially encapsulates all the possible characters that you want to specify in plain text. This is the simplest way to learn How To Use Rainbowcrack Kali Linux. We can talk about the index but the length minimum these two parameters essentially will control the plaintext length of the range rainbow table. See Download Rainbow Tables process below. For example, you can specify the range of 1 to 7. So you can be a b c d e f g and then you can get the ID.

If you want to specify from B you’d say 2 to bcdef like a 5, that would be B to F. so that’s your range how you specify the range when you talk about the index essentially. The table index will select the reduction function. So this will essentially use a different reduction function. So let’s generate our own rainbow table here. I’m going to say RTGN and let’s say we wanted to crack a sha-256 password.

So, to specify the hash algorithm here so char 256 and then I’ll specify how the character set. For example, I wanted to specify lower I’ll the alphanumeric. I believe that is specified as followed I checked up on the resources and the documentation for a rainbow crack. So that’s how you specify the character set and then you need to specify the character range.

Step 1: type “rtgen” without double quotes, then enter

How To Use Rainbowcrack Kali Linux

Step2: here we are using SHA algorithm

Type “rtgen sha256 loweralpha-numeric 1 10 1000 4000 0” without double quotes, then enter.

Step3: Type “rtgen sha256 loweralpha-numeric 1 10 0 1000 4000 0”without double quotes, then enter.

now go to home–> usr–>share–> rainbow crack–> sha256 file.

this is the rainbow table.


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