How to Format Any Laptop in 5 Steps – Complete Guide


Worrying about how to format a laptop? In today’s world, we store a lot of data and stuff on our laptops. We install many applications and programs as well. But sometimes this will affect its normal functioning. Moreover, it will also be attacked by viruses and malware. It is very difficult to remove such viruses. Simply learn How to format laptop windows 7. Formatting your laptop will helps you to recover all these problems like removing viruses and unwanted files and data from your laptop. But if you stored all your data in hard disk then formatting your device will wipe out all your data stored in hard disk. You will lose your data forever. But if you have the backup data then no problem you can reload it again to get your data back.

How to format laptop windows 7

To sum up, an effective way to make your system work properly is by formatting your laptop. This will clean up your laptop and make your device look like when you first purchased it. Well, the procedure is very simple and easy. Generally, windows use disk management tool or format command to format laptop. The likewise different operating system uses different tools and methods to format.

Although if your operating system is outdated and if you want to upgrade it to the latest version. Then formatting your laptop is the only way. So, don’t know how to format laptop windows 7/8/10 follow this different method

How to Reformat a Laptop

Generally, people use a different way to format their device. Some people use to reset the laptop to factory settings. Probably this is the easiest way to reformat your laptop. But before adopting any method make sure that your laptop is connected to power supply. If you get power issues during formatting then it might damage your hard disk. Notably, if you have any bad sector in your laptop then it will not be removed by formatting your laptop. You need to use a software to remove this.


You can either format your laptop by using the partition method or by installing a CD.

The method 1 helps you how to format laptop with the installation process. This is a totally smooth and easy way to layout your PC with the formatting application. The Windows Setup disc which is available to many users. In case if you don’t get one gadget installation CD for your computer. Then try another method.

Steps to format laptop using cd installation method.


First of all, back up your data if you want to keep it safe and secure then copy them or store them on an external hard drive like pen drives. CDs etc. Because formatting will erase all the major data and information present in the hard disk.


Now check and verify which approach is suitable. If you don’t get CD while purchasing the laptop then go for partition method.


Then insert the CD into the drive. It generally auto-runs and directly opens the menu. You will get options page from that select the for installing the fresh copy of operating system.

If the CD doesn’t run automatically then go to “My Computer,”  and double-click on it. Then right-click on the drive. Click “Auto-Run.” That’s all about How to format laptop windows 7.


Keep waiting for sometimes while CD to proceed automatically. Observe the prompts. Then accept all the defaults settings the installation disk is asking for.


Wait for the set up to complete. When the installation process is complete, you can see a new desktop window.

How to Reformat a Laptop

How to Format Laptop Without CD (METHOD 2):

Now you might be thinking how to format a laptop without cd. Well, you can also format the laptop by using a restoration partition method. This method includes restarting your laptop. And the formatting process generally takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete the process. Follow this step by step guide to format your laptop using the partition method.


First, restart your laptop. While continuing the process, press the F10 key to your keyboard until the laptop boots. This will drop you at partition which offers you alternatives for repair or restore.


The next step is to install a new installing window. This will format and reload the operating system by running the program. And installing software and drivers that come along with your laptop.


Now, wait for the process to complete. This will normally take 30 to 45 minutes.

Finally, if you don’t know how to format a laptop easily and effectively. Then this article will really help you out. So try these simple methods that will surely guide you to format your laptop.


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