How To Find Routers Ip Address? For Windows Mac Linux Android Etc.


Don’t know what’s your routers IP address? Generally, each home router comes with two types of IP address. One is the public IP address and another is the private IP address. A question arises when you forget it and How To Find Routers Ip Address? Here is the solution. This public IP address is an external IP address that is assigned to the outside world. Whereas private IP address is your local area network. It’s a default gateway. If you want to change your password or network settings you must know your IP address.

How To Find Routers Ip Address?

It’s common that we forget our IP address sometimes because it is difficult to remember. Here the public IP address sometimes changes periodically but private IP address is a fixed IP address. It will not change until someone changes it. Moreover, the routers IP address varies from device to device. So, you must be aware of all devices IP address.

How To Find Routers Ip Address

Mostly the IP address consists of 4 numbers separated by a full stop. For example, the IP addresses will be or But you cannot find this IP address in routers login page. This article helps you How To Find Routers Ip Address and how to enable it.

For instance, most of the routers come with default IP address along with username and password. however, there are many ways to find out the private IP address of the routers. In this article, you will get to know how to find out the IP address on various devices.


In windows, ipconfig is the simplest method to find the routers IP address. No matter whether you are using windows 7 or 10 the process and results will be same. So first start and open a run command. Type ‘cmd’ in the box. Now you can see a black window where you have to type ipconfig. That’s all now search for your default gateway IP address.

Mac Os

There are two ways to know the default gateway in mos os. First, one is open a terminal window and go to finder>applications>utilities>terminal. App. Then type netstat-nr/grep default. It will open a window of default gateway IP address.

Well, another way to find default gateway in mac os is by using regular interface.

  • Click on the Apple menu on the top of the screen.
  • Pick ‘process Preferences’
  • Then, press the ‘network’ icon for How To Find Routers Ip Address.
  • Select the relevant network connection
  • Click the ‘advanced’ button
  • Click the ‘TCP/IP’ tab. Here you can see the IP address at the right of the router.

These are the two options to find the default gateway IP address in mac os.


To find out the default gateway in Linux go to applications settings>choose system tools> then enter ipconfig. It will display your routers IP address besides ‘inet addr’.

iPhone iOS

Its very simple to check the IP address in iPhone iOS. All you need to do is go to wifi settings and select your currently using network. Search in the DHCP section to find the IP address.


For Android devices, there are plenty of third-party apps that will help you to find out the routers IP address. ‘Wifi analyzer’ is one of the famous third-party application that allows you to find the IP address easily. Download and install the app in your smartphone and then tap on the menu and select AP list. Here you will find your network name as connected to [network name]. So when you click on it it will display all the network information along with your IP address. I guess you learnt How To Find Routers Ip Address for android devices. isn’t it?

How To Find Ip Address

Chrome os

Finding IP address in chrome os is very similar to Android. Click on the notification area on the taskbar. It will show you the list with a different network. Chose your network. It will display all the network information. Now press the network tap to find the IP address.

As a final point if you really want to change the login credentials of your router it requires your IP address. Therefore, this article will help you out in finding the IP address of your router. Now change your modems IP address to make it more safe and secure. Hope this article is useful to you.


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