Learn How to Change WiFi Password – Its Very Simple Now!


Forgot wifi password? Changing wifi password regularly keeps your data and information safe and secure. So worried about how to change wifi password? Generally, all the wifi routers come with default wifi name and password. Moreover, it is also printed on the router box. But now you can change the name and password according to too you. Sometimes we often forget our wifi password and its very common issue. But now its very easy to view and change wifi password at any time. you can also change wifi name along with the password.

Although you can also set up home network configuration by using an app called Netgear Genie. Also, the app provides you with all the interesting features. This Netgear Genie app allows you to access router settings and it easily controls the home network. Also, you might be thinking about how to change wifi password TP link? You can also set up the TP-link router by using a web browser. However its very easy to change wifi password and name just by following a few steps.And also you can visit here to know how to transfer Files From android to Pc  Transfer Files From Android To Pc Without Usb

How To Change Wifi Password?


Go to router configuration page using a web browser and connect your device to any wifi. Enter your router’s username and password. You can also use and connect the Ethernet cable to your pc here in case if you don’t know the wifi password. Then enter your wifi name and password.

The next step is to add the address into the browser address bar. While there are different addresses specified to each router. So,standard router addresses are,,, or (Apple) or (Xfinity).

If you don’t find your router address by entering the above address then press the windows key+ R by entering cmd. It will open the command prompts. Then enter ipconfig and click enter. Now make sure you have the energetic internet connection. Find out the default gateway address. This is usually your router address. Well, you can use the same steps for how to change wifi password in mobile?  For this, you need to have a web browser installed on your mobile.

In case if this method also fails then the only way is to reset your router. We will now learn how to reset WiFi password. Press and hold the reset button for few seconds then you will automatically drop into the factory settings. Then search for the default IP address for your router and enter into the browser.

Basically, some routers come with configuration software program. You can also use that if this approach doesn’t work. In this way, we understood how to reset WiFi router.


how to change WiFi password

The next step is open the ‘wireless section’ in the configuration page to get the wireless information. Based on the manufacturing process the name section changes for different routers. It may be ‘wireless’ or ‘wireless settings’or some other name similar to this. Open the Wireless Security web page from the wireless subsections.


Now change the wifi password or SSID name. choose and enter a new wifi password which is very easy to remember. You will find a box labeled with password/passphrase/shared key. Type your new password in that box. Well, you can use the same steps for how to change WiFi password on iPhone.

sometimes it will ask you type the password again to ensure that you have typed the correct password.

how to change WiFi password

Try to create a strong password that should be very tough by adding numbers and special characters like “!”, “$” and “#” and make them least 8 characters long.  This literally makes your password strong. Also, don’t choose the password which is related to your personal or private information.

The next important thing to do is choose a strong security type. Usually, it contains three types of wireless encryption WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Among these three select WPA network because it’s a very secure network when compared to WEP. Don’t select WEP  as it is a weak network.


The final step after changing the wifi password is to save your settings. There will be a Save Changes or Save button somewhere on the same web page wherein you entered the brand new password. Mostly it is located at the bottom of the page. Well, you can use the same steps for how to change WiFi password on Mac.

Finally, the routers take a few minutes to finish the process. If any device is connected then it will automatically disconnect once the process completes. After all the changes are saved you are ready to use wifi with your new password. you can connect to any device by using your new password. And also you can read how to track an IP address  IP Address Tracker


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