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In today’s era, every home or home office has a home network; many people have internet wireless connection in their homes. The home enables multiple devices connected to it such as PCs, tablets, mobiles, connected to each other and also to the internet connection. Read this article to know about the home network setup router. Here we explain how to set up the broadband network for home.

home network setup

If you are purchasing the new network then make sure that setting up all the things must be done in a right way. For putting in the house community it involves just shopping and plugging the router. But that doesn’t imply that it has to be a nightmare. You can control and centrally managed in some clean steps. Learn how to configure router. You must understand what you are doing, and do it in a proper way.

Steps for Home Network Setup Router:

Choose a Suitable Location:

To set up the home network Router you have to choose a good location. Choose a good location to begin installing your router. To begin the Router chooses the open floor space or table. In this, there is no permanent location for this device you can change whenever you want it to change. These wireless routers sometimes need to be careful in positioning and deployment in places difficult to reach. In the beginning, you decide it for the suitable location where it works easier. Later you decide on the permanent location to set it up.

Turn It On:

Plug in the router’s electrical power source. After plugging the router then turn on the router by pushing the power button.

Connect Your Internet Modem to the Router (optional):

Older group modems connect through an Ethernet cable but USB connections have become more and more ordinary. The cable plugs into the router jack named WAN or uplink or web. When connecting gadgets with network cables. Make sure every stop of the cable connects tightly. Loose cables are one of the maximum commonplace sources of community setup issues. After connecting the cable, make certain to strength cycle (flip off and flip returned on) the model to make sure the router acknowledges it.

home network setup

Connect One Computer to the Router:

Connect your cables to the computer via network cable. If you want to connect wirelessly you can disconnect this connection. You can also connect the laptop wirelessly for the first time. The temporarily using a cable connection for the router installation it avoids the unstable and dropped connections. Note that using Wi-Fi connection wirelessly the initial installation is not recommended as the Wi-Fi settings are not configured.

Open the Router’s Administration Panel:

From the computer connected Wi-Fi open the web browser. Then enter the address of the router for the network administrator in the web address place. And then go return to the routers home page. Many routers are reached either by the web address “” or “”. Consult to the documentation of your router as to determine your exact routers address for your model. For this step, you do not need a working address for the home network setup router

Log in to the router:

The routers home page will prompt for the username and password. These are provided in the documentation of the router. You have to change the routers password for the security purpose. But you have to do this all after the installation complete to avoid the complications in the initial setup.

Enter Internet Connection Information:

home network setup

If you want your router to connect to the internet. Then enter the internet connection information in the section of the router’s configuration. For example, if you are using DSL internet you need to enter PPPoE username and password settings into the router. Likewise, you have been issued a static IP address by your internet. Then the static settings are supplied by the provider must be set in the router.

Update the MAC Address of the Router:

Some web providers authenticate their customers by way of MAC address with. In case you had been making use of an older network router or another gateway gadget to connect with the web before, your provider may be tracking that MAC address and prevent you from logging on with the new router. In case your internet provider has this restriction, which you could (through the administrator console) update the MAC address of the router with the MAC address with of the device you were using previously to avoid having to look ahead to the supplier to update their records. Follow these steps for home network setup router step by step.

Consider Changing the Network Name (often called SSID):

The routers come with the default name chosen. But there is the advantage of changing the different name according to your requirement.

Verify the Local Network Connection:

Verify the nearby community connection between your one computer and the router is working. To do this, assess that the pc has acquired valid IP address expertise from the router. You can use the similar steps for home network setup windows 10.

Verify Your Computer Can Connect to the Internet Properly:

Open a Web browser and visit a few Internet sites such as http://wireless.about.com/.

Connect Additional Computers to the Router:

While connecting to the internet from the wireless device, ensure the name (SSID) matches to the router. This is all about home wireless network setup

Configure Network Security Features:

Configure additional network safety features as wanted to protect your systems against web attackers. If you want to know how to track the someone’s IP address with IP Address Tracker

Finally, place the router in the suitable location. This is the process for home network setup router.


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