Fsociety Hacking Tool Kit – Penetration Testing Framework


We are going to be looking at the Fsociety Hacking Tool Kit. This is essentially a penetration testing framework.  If you’re a beginner this can be a fantastic place to start. I have to get the GitHub page at the GitHub repository. I’m just showing you, how to configure it and how to get it up and running. So that we can explore it. As well so we can just clone the repository and just copy the link or you can download it as ZIP and save it. I’m just going to clone it. Because I actually want to perform some more research on this script.

Fsociety Hacking Tool Kit

This script does really even work with Windows and with Linux using the terminal emulator on Linux or on Android. so it does work on Android Windows as well using a terminal emulator. So once you’ve cloned the repository, you can see it’s called the F Society. so we’re going to just browse into the folder F Society and we’re going to list what’s in here. you have your Python and you have your installer SH. If you’re on Kali Linux or any other penetration testing distribution. Fsociety Hacking Tool Kit is now available. We need to change the permissions. So install.sh and now we can execute it. It’s going to start installing it and credit through the author. You can execute the tool by typing F Society. Let me just back out of this directory and we’re going to start it up fsociety. It’s divided into sections.

Penetration Testing Methodologies

We have information gathering password attacks, wireless testing exploitation tools, sniffing and spoofing. We are packing private backing post exploitation installing and updating. You can finally exit the script. So let’s start with information gathering. For information gathering, these are probably the most popular tools, as you can see we have nmap. We have set toolkit which is a social engineering toolkit of your port scanning host to IP. Word Press users XSS strike, there’s a lot of tools as you can see these are probably the most popular or the tools that you’re most likely to use and you can just select them.

So if I selected as the set toolkit. They are going to ask you for the permissions of grant, yes and it’s going to start its download the version from the GitHub repository. It doesn’t matter whether you have it installed and that’s what I was getting, if you’re on windows or if you’re on Android. For example, on Windows, it’s not going to assume that you have the package installed already and so that’s very interesting and useful right. Again my connection right now is really slow.

Hacking Tools For Windows

so I’m just going to avoid doing that and we can just go back here. So again it’s divided into different sections and you’re free to check them out as you please we can look at something like password attacks. You have very powerful tools looking at things like exploitation tools. in the information gathering section or what are the best tools to use you just check and how to perform sniffing and spoofing. We have the social engineering toolkit and we have the five Fisher SMTP mailer awesome. So you get the idea SMTP mailer is a spoofer. It is an email spoofer, so you get the idea and then you can go ahead and use it.

Follow step by step:

Step1: open new terminal and type “git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety” then enter, without double quotes.

Fsociety Hacking Tool Kit

Step2: type “cd fsociety/” then enter, without double quotes.

Step3: change the permissions

Type “chmod +x install.sh” then enter, without double quotes.

Step4: now install type “./install.sh” then enter, without double quotes.

Installation completed.

Step5: type “fsociety” then enter, without double quotes.

Here you will get so many tools like information gathering and password attacks etc..

So now we will check the NMAP tool.

Now Type 1, then enter. Here you will get some more tools for information gathering.

Step6: after using of these tools using exit so type 99, then enter.

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