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Looking for the best firewall for windows? In this article, you will find top 5 firewall alternatives for windows. Now, what is a firewall?. Before we learn about the firewall we should also know the importance of it. With the growing world and technology, the internet has become part of our life. It is very important to select the best firewall that improves our data security.

What Is A Firewall?

Firewall is a security application which protects the system from internet threats and viruses. It provides a secure boundary between your computer and the internet. It also monitors and protects your system from hackers. Moreover, it will also enhance the security system of our computers. So if you are having a personal computer at your home then it is necessary to have both hardware and software firewall installed on your windows computer. Because the hardware firewall protects your system from network threats. It is basically called a network firewall. And software firewall helps you to prevent the system from viruses and malware.

what is a firewall

Generally, windows come with built-in firewall application by default. Now you can also use different types of firewall applications which comes with interesting features that manage your privacy. After all, it’s a network security system. To speak the truth it protects our system from unauthorized access to or from our network.

Top 5 Firewall For Windows

Zonealarm Free Firewall:

ZoneAlarm firewall is a well known and most favorable firewall in the market. It’s a free software available to all windows users. It is highly recommended and most widely used a firewall. It comes with more advanced features and security tools. Especially the latest version of ZoneAlarm comes with amazing features and settings.

In plain words, it will also connect your computer to a defense which will provide you with real-time security updates against the threat.

Additionally, a zone alarm free firewall can disguise open ports also it appears for malicious site visitors and shield in opposition to it. Moreover, It can also disable other programs which are disabled.

Comodo Firewall:

It is a great platform to keep your PC safe and secure against suspicious malware and best firewall for windows. Moreover, it’s pc friendly application. It offers the highest level of security against threats. And it comes with bundles of extra features. Generally, if a document that isn’t always on this secure-list knocks on your PC’s door, the Firewall will immediately alert you and inform s you about attacking the malware. Furthermore, it will also provide (DDP) default deny protection.

what is a firewall

For instance, it creates a sandboxed version of the browser. Because there are many peoples who visit a lot of websites daily. For those comodo firewall will be the best option as it offers a sandboxed version of browsers. And it allows you to change your DNS ( domain name resolution) to comodo free secure DNS for more security.


Peerblock is a free open source platform because here you have the right to choose what to block. And it lets you know how to interact with other pc using the internet. And it is unique among all as it blocks the IP address which is harmful to your systems. It blocks both incoming and outgoing connections until you won’t have access to their network connection. It will allow you to create your own list of addresses. Although it works very well in Windows 10,7,8, and XP also.

It is very important to know what is a firewall. Well, there are so many types of firewall such as a proxy firewall, threat focused firewall etc. and it is very easy to use. These is the best firewall for windows.


Tinywall is another free firewall utility which keeps all your files and programs in a safe list. TinyWall also helps you to blocks recognized places that hold viruses. And it will protect all kind of changes including password and might lock down the host’s record from unwanted modifications. It is very easy to use because while downloading it will not ask you to install any drivers. Moreover, it will not disturb your workflow as it avoids unnecessary popups.

what is a firewall

Note that tiny wall supports all versions of windows which includes window 10,8,7 etc but it will not support Windows XP.


Glasswire is the best platform to detect hidden threats. It is completely free to download. It provides you complete visualized data about your network activity. It will also alert you from new connections from unknown applications. And protects your system as an antivirus which scans all misbehaving files. It’s a simple tool and easy to access. It comes with both free and paid versions. The paid version comes with more extra features.

Now you understood what is a firewall. However, the functionality of each firewall is different from each other. But all of them are very powerful which will definitely protect your system from unauthorized internet access. Check out all these firewall tools and choose the one which satisfies you and suits your computer. Hope this article gives you a wealth of information on firewall for windows.


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