Top 5 Amazing Apps Like Netflix to Watch Online Movies !


Netflix is one of the most popular videos streaming app among all. It offers plenty of online shows and movies. People love to use this app because it provides extra amazing features. Read here about Apps Like Netflix But Free. But sometimes we get bored of using the same app continuously. Want to try something different? Well, there are many video streaming services that offer the best services and features than Netflix.

Apps Like Netflix But Free/ Paid

Netflix app is available globally and it is completely free. Whereas some Netflix alternatives come with subscriptions charges. Some applications are completely free they don’t require charges. And some applications offer free service for some period. However, there are hundreds of Netflix alternatives/ Apps Like Netflix But Free like amazon prime video, Vudu, Hulu and many more they are worth checking out.

Amazon prime video is a very famous video streaming service which offers original contents and HD videos. This is a great website to watch online movies and other kinds of stuff. It gives a free trial for one month. Then after completion of this free trial, it charges $99 per year. And it is available in almost 100 countries around the world.apps like netflix but free

Netflix alternatives


Vimeo app is an official Netflix alternative. Many people trust Vimeo as it provides high-quality videos and good content. Here users can upload unlimited videos. It is not only the Netflix alternatives but also the youtube alternatives. People generally prefer the Vimeo app after Netflix because it comes with advanced security and other interesting features.

You can watch your favorites shows and movies and you can find many catalogs with the different collection of movies and shows.


hulu Netflix/ Hulu plus

Hulu Plus is one the best app to enjoy online video streaming services. Hulu app is not as much famous as Netflix because it is not available globally. Hulu Plus is an updated version of Hulu with live tv feature. This Apps Like Netflix But Free and paid are good to watch. This feature includes several sports and news channels like HGTV, fox news, fox business, CNN, national geographic and many other. But this app is not free it offers $100 per month these days. So watch your favorites shows by signing in with Hulu plus and enjoy its premium features. The best part of this service is it supports various devices including PlayStation, TVs, and Apple devices like iPad.


Crackle is a free video streaming service like Netflix. It was owned by Sony. As it offers free services it includes the best collection of movies and shows. But it shows the commercials. Moreover, it is available for around 21 countries around the world. Although the app is completely free it annoys the users by displaying ads. If you really want to use this app/ Apps Like Netflix But Free without advertisements then download its paid version. You just need to spend $10 per month.


Acorn.TV is also a great Netflix alternative. If you are interested in British TV shows then acorn.TV is probably the best choice. Here you can enjoy watching Britain tv shows and movies. It is available in Britain and other parts of the world. But this app doesn’t provide free service to the users. You have to pay $4.99 per month.

Box TV

If you love watching Hollywood movies and Indian films then choosing box tv really help you out. But this app is available in a few countries like India, UK, UAE, US, and Singapore. Moreover, you can watch the latest news and Bollywood and Hollywood movies online. You can also watch movies trailers here. These all Apps Like Netflix But Free or paid versions help you to watch movies online. Furthermore, users can upload the contents in 9 different languages which include Urdu, Hindi, English, Kannada and more.

For all those movies lovers I have suggested top 5 best Netflix alternatives to watch online movies. Though they are not as much famous as Netflix they provide the extra unique features to experience. So try them out. Hope you really love this article.


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