Best Apps Like Instagram – Top 5 Instagram Alternatives


Bored of using the Instagram app? Looking for something new? Then you have landed on the right page. As we all know that Instagram is one of the best photo sharing app owned by Facebook. You can post and share lots of photos and videos every day. Besides it also consists of likes and comments feature which is very interesting. It has billions of active users around the world. We will discuss apps like Instagram for Android. Moreover, the ranking factor of Instagram is also very high. It supports all the devices including mac and PCs. But using the same app everytime makes you bore sometimes. So in this article, you will find the top 5 Instagram alternatives which are similar to Instagram.

apps like Instagram for android

Talking about the Instagram feature. It has tons of unique and interesting features. Here you can also follow people of your choice. It allows users to save photos and videos they like. You can edit and filter your picture before you post. There are some fixed and inbuilt filters in Instagram like Normal, 1977, Amaro, Brannan, Earlybird, Hefe, Hudson, Inkwell Kelvin, Lo-fi, Mayfair, Nashville, Rise, Sierra, Sutro, Toaster, Valencia, Walden, Willow, X-pro II, Slumber, Cream, Ludwig, Aden, perpetua, Clarenden, etc.

In addition to this, you can also tag people from your followers. Privacy feature is also included in the Instagram app. You can share your post and pictures to whom you want to share without worrying about privacy. While when you include a “#” or “@” in your bio, it’s going to automatically end up a clickable link. This will make the user to a hashtag other Instagram profile. This is a great feature that really helps you to upgrade your profile for business users. Well, Instagram also added the ads feature that allows users to create ads with their existing posts. Furthermore, you can also write and post stories on Instagram. Also, you can link Instagram to other social networking accounts.

5 Best Apps like Instagram for Android:

apps like Instagram for android


Very first we talk about Snapchat because it is very similar to Instagram in terms of functionality and all. It is also a great photo sharing app like Instagram. You can post pictures and videos easily here. But all your posts will disappear after 25 hours. Apart from this, you can chat with your loved ones as it is a multimedia messaging app. You can also find a variety of filters in this app and it is a good photo editing app. However, There are a lot of apps like Instagram for Android. You can also enjoy geo filters and multiple filters feature. Moreover, it is compatible with windows phone, mac ios, android, blackberry etc. These all are apps like Instagram for adults.

One of the amazing features of the snapshot is that when someone takes screenshots of your posts then it will notify you. While on Instagram there is no such kind of option. So isn’t interesting?


Twitter is also a trending app like Instagram. You can follow your favorite celebrities here as it is very famous worldwide. Moreover, it allows you to posts your pictures and tweets the posts. Generally, Twitter has more than 1 million actives users and it is increasing day by day. It is supportable to all devices mac ios, windows, android, and blackberry. Also, it can be accessible in the browser. These all are the apps like Instagram for Android.


apps like Instagram for Android

Pinterest is one of the famous social networking apps. And it is quite similar to Instagram. You can upload many pictures other stuff daily. It contains a catalog of images. And it is very famous for the things like sports, trending fashions, recipes, and other interesting crafts ideas. You can save your ideas to the board. But it does not allow you to save the pins from other people. These all are the apps like Instagram for iPhone. However it is not as much famous as Instagram but still, it is a great app to use.


There are a lot of apps like Instagram for Android. We generally don’t hear much about Flickr now because we are more engaged with the apps like Instagram and Facebook right? Because we really enjoy using those apps as it has the plenty of new features. Similarly, Flickr is also a good photo sharing app like Instagram. Flikr lets you share photos worldwide. Same like Instagram it also contains numerous filters. And it is supportable in desktop, mac, windows, and Android.


Tumblr also comes with the best Instagram alternatives. It is one of the best apps to go with after Instagram. It is a photo sharing app. You can post photos and videos also you can create your own GIFs here. Coming to its features it allows you to share multiple photos, videos, and texts. It also provides multiple services to the users. It hosts more than 400 billion users monthly. These are the awesome alternatives to Instagram.

apps like Instagram for Android

Final Words:

However there are many other apps like google+, we hear it, path etc which also comes under the best Instagram alternatives. In this article, I have listed top 5 apps like Instagram for Android and many more alternatives. So download and enjoy these apps. Hope this article is useful to you.


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